How to Remove and Reuse High Tensile Fence Part 1

This video shows you how to remove and reuse high tensile fence.  We will remove and reuse as much as we can and recycle the remainder.  The purpose of removing the fence is to make room for new posts and a four foot high field fence.  That will be the base infrastructure for our four foot vertical extension giving us an eight foot tall deer fence.

How to Remove and Reuse High Tensile Fence Part 1
How to Remove and Reuse High Tensile Fence Part 1

How to Remove and Reuse High Tensile Fence

The existing high tensile fence has six strands of 14 and 12.5 gauge wire.  Two of the six strands were “hot” for an electric fence.  The majority of the wire itself was recovered and will be used as part of the upper fence for the future deer fence.  The wires were tightened with ratchet style wire strainer.  All of these were saved and will also be used as part of the new fence.

We saved all the insulators for the T-posts and the wood posts.  These will be stored for some future use that we have not yet identified. 

Most of the wood posts and T-Posts will be saved for various future projects.  We never have issues finding uses for fence posts on the farm. We will be doing separate videos on how to remove the gates, wood posts and T-posts.  We will also be doing product reviews on fence clip bender tools, fence wrenches, and on some of the large gates that we special ordered for the project.

Part 2 of the post is located here:

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