Herbaceous Layer Forest Design Plants

Herbaceous Layer Forest Design Plants covers plants between the shrub layer and the ground cover layer. These plants are generally not woody in nature and die back to the ground each year during the winter. The perennials come back the next year whereas annuals die back and will not come back from the roots but may come back from seeds that were dropped the previous year.

Herbaceous Layer Forest Design Plants

According to the Permaculture Research Institute, there are 7-Layers in a food forest.  They are; canopy, understory, shrub, herbaceous, ground cover, vine/climbers, and root/tuber yield. 

Below are pictures with links to any plants that we sell at Great Escape Nursery that could be categorized as Herbaceous Layer Forest Design Plants. My favorite plants are the perennials because they do come back each year. However, there are many plants, like tomatoes, that are awesome and only come as annuals.


Coming soon : Anise Hysop, Lemon Balm, Various Mints, Comfrey, and Mint Root

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