About Great Escape Farms

Great Escape Farms is a farm located in Romney, WV that propagates plants and sells them through Great Escape Nursery.  Great Escape Farms is also a website that regularly posts blogs articles on unique edible plants, permaculture techniques, and other garden related topics.  Great Escape Farms also has a YouTube channel.

Great Escape Farms and Great Escape Nursery is owned and operated by Todd McCree.  Todd is an experienced gardener, having gardened and landscaped since the early 80’s.  In the mid 80s he worked for a garden center and did a little commercial landscaping.

Although he is an engineer by education and primary job, he gardened at his residences in the 90’s and 2000’s.  In 2012, he and his wife bought a 10-acre parcel of property in West Virginia that had 42 mature fruit trees on it. He got busy planting additional trees and putting in a food forest.  This property, now called Great Escape Farms, has over 500 edible plants on it.

In the past few years he has worked part time on other farms, taken several permaculture design courses and plant propagation courses and has regularly been propagating his own plants since 2013.

Todd opened Great Escape Farms and Great Escape Nursery in 2015 and sold his first plants online in 2016.

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