Shrub Layer Forest Design Plants

Shrub Layer Forest Design Plants covers plants between the sub-canopy layer and the herbaceous layer. These plants are usually bushy in nature and go up to 10′ tall. They can provide a food crop such as fruit and nuts.

Shrub Layer Forest Design Plants

According to the Permaculture Research Institute, there are 7-Layers in a food forest.  They are; canopy, understory, shrub, herbaceous, ground cover, vine/climbers, and root/tuber yield. 

Below are pictures with links to any plants that we sell at Great Escape Nursery that could be categorized in this layer. This is one of my favorite layers as evidenced by the quantity of plants that we sell in this layer.

You will find a large number of Shrub Layer Forest Design Plants thriving at the edge of the forest. The edge of the forest is one of the more productive layers.


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