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Sustainable Homesteading in WV Spring 2017 goes over several topics including an update on the groundhog, organizing the shed, Winter Propagation Bed Transplanting, garden cleanup, and paw paw tree mulching.

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Groundhog Update

The groundhog has been digging around the deck trying to get under it again.  So far, the chicken wire is keeping him out, but he is eating the lattice around the deck and making a mess.

Sustainable Homesteading in WV Spring 2017 - Groundhog

Sustainable Homesteading in WV Spring 2017 – Groundhog

The Shed

My gardening shed is an absolute mess with all kinds of stuff just thrown in.  I sorted all of the plant pots and organized everything, so now I can find stuff in the shed.



Winter Propagation Bed

We dug up as many plants as we had soil for in the plant propagation bed and put them in pots.  I transplanted the blueberries, the dappled willow, and a few butterfly bushes.  I used my plant potting table for the first time and it saved my back big time.  It allows me to pot plants without bending over a lot like I use to have to do.

Propagation Bed

Propagation Bed

Garden Cleanup

I cleaned up the garden by removing some of the dead perennial plants and put the waste in the food forest.  Then I mulched the walk ways so it is easier to see where the paths are.  We get quite a few visitors checking things out at the homestead and having different color mulch on the walkways make it easier for people to see where to walk.  In the video below, I also show you what asparagus looks like when it is just sending up shoots in the spring time.



Mulching Paw Paw Trees

I mulched many of the paw paw trees I put in last year.  Then I removed the fence that was surrounding the tree protecting it from deer and then I put wet cardboard down with a thick layer of mulch over the top.  Then I put the protective fence back around the paw paw tree.

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Check out the video below, titled Sustainable Homesteading in WV Spring 2017.

Sustainable Homesteading in WV Spring 2017 - Video

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