Perennial Sheet Mulch Garden 2020 – The Down and Dirty

Perennial Sheet Mulch Garden 2020 covers the weeding of our overgrown and neglected sheet mulch garden.  First, we weed the garden. Secondly, we show the progress on adding new layers of sheet mulch. Finally, we finish up with a shot in December showing what it looks like going into 2021 as well as some of our plans starting 2021.

Perennial Sheet Mulch Garden 2020 - The Down and Dirty

Perennial Sheet Mulch Garden 2020

In the spring of 2020 I noticed that the perennial sheet mulch garden was pretty neglected. It had been overgrown with weeds, and needed some serious attention.

The first order of business was to weed the garden. We put mint plants in three years ago and they overtook everything. While weeding the mint we got out as much of the mint root as we could.

The second step was to put a layer of cardboard on and apply new layers of sheet mulch. Before cardboard is used you need to remove any staples or plastic tape. Once this is done we put cardboard flat on the ground with about a foot of overlap. This serves as a temporary weed barrier to help knock back the mint and other weeds. Cardboard will break down in a few months and become worm food and soil. Additionally, On top of the cardboard we put layers of leaves and wood chips.

The final step, in 2021 will be to add some horse manure, more leaves, followed by a final layer of wood chips. With these steps complete, we will be ready for a bountiful garden in 2021.

Check out our YouTube video on Perennial Sheet Mulch Garden 2020

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