Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade Another How To

Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade is about my 1200 gallon to 4500 Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade.  I’m in the process of moving from four 300-gallon IBC totes to three 1550-gallon water storage tanks.

Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade

Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade

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Remove the IBC Totes

The first step was to remove the four 300-gallon IBC totes, the wood, and the cinder blocks that they were setting on.  I stored all of this equipment for later use, either to be added to this system as expansion or to be used at the mobile home, which will be Great Escape Farms headquarters.


Next was the task of leveling.  I’m trying to keep the budget as cheap as possible and for that reason I used wood chips.  I know that they will break down and this is not the best choice in all the world, but it is the cheapest because I have 40-yards of mulch laying around.  As long as it gets me through the summer and into the fall, then I’m happy.  I can add more next spring to build things up and level out again.  Then I put the tanks in place.

Plumbing the Bottom

I did not have time to do all the plumbing in the bottom portion of the system.  But we have some large storms coming this week and I want to catch water, so I will do enough plumbing so the tanks will hold water.  What I did is put in 2” threaded PVC to a regular PVC fitting.  Then I attached a quick disconnect followed by a ball valve.   I shut the ball valve off to hold the water in.

Plumbing the Top

All of the filtering system is still in place from last year’s system.  I will cover more on that in a future video.  We did need to slightly modify the top system after the filter system so that it aimed into the new larger water storage tanks.  I did not glue anything so I could fine tune everything later.

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The Video

Check out the YouTube video titled Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade.

Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade - Video

Large Rainwater Harvesting System Upgrade – Video

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