Transplanting Trees by Hand

This post is about Transplanting Trees by Hand.  It is more showing how I did it than an actual how to or how you should do it.  The reason I’m transplanting trees from one yard to another is that I’m moving and one of the trees is not in the best spot and the other just has not been doing all that well.

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Dwarf Shapovia Mt. Ash

The first tree is a Dwarf Shapovia Mt. Ash.  This particular tree has not done all that well and really hasn’t grown that much in the three years that it has been planted in its current location.  Because it is so small and hasn’t grown that much, I will not be trimming any of the top branches.  I’m just digging it up and transporting it out to the farm in WV and putting it in the ground.

Transplanting Trees by Hand Shipovia

Transplanting Trees by Hand Shipovia

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

The next tree is an Illinois Everbearing Mulberry.  It has grown great in its current location, but is growing under two oak trees and has fruit that will stain the walkway in the pool area.  Because of the danger of stains and location I feel that whoever buys this house will likely not want it where it is and will cut it down.

Well, if the tree is going to be cut down anyhow, I might as well try digging it up and transplanting it.  Because it is so big, it will need a good bit of pruning on the upper part to minimize the stress on the plant.   What I ultimately want is an hourglass shape.

Transplanting Trees by Hand Mulberry

Transplanting Trees by Hand Mulberry

Hourglass Shape

What I mean by hourglass shape is that the top part of the plant is spread out and it comes together to a main trunk.  That main trunk then fans out at the bottom, almost matching the shape of the top of the plant.  This should have an hourglass look to it.

Transplanting Trees by Hand Hourglass

Transplanting Trees by Hand Hourglass

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