My Favorite Smoothie Recipe is One that I Love

This post gives you My Favorite Smoothie Recipe and shows some neat tricks and tips on quickly making smoothies.

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A smoothie is very customizable with the ingredients you can put in them.  I generally use a similar recipe, so to speed things up, I set up for mass producing.  This is done by flash freezing some of the ingredients.

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe – Flash Freezing

I have flash frozen bananas and put them in a bag.  That way all I have to do is to pull out a handful or a cup full and add them to the blender.  I did a previous video and blog post on how to do this, so check the archives for more information on flash freezing fruit.

Freezing Leafy Greens

I also flash freeze leafy greens like spinach and kale.  I buy big bags of these leafy greens, blend them and add a little water until they are a liquid.  Then I pour them into ice cube trays and freeze them overnight.  After they are frozen solid, I remove them from the trays, put them in a 1-gallon plastic bag, label it, and keep them in the freezer.  Then when I’m making a smoothie, all I have to do is remove a few green ice cubes from the freezer and add them to the blender.

Go Organic


I try to go organic whenever I can.  Most fruit gets a lot of pesticides put on it and they can’t use those harsh chemicals on organic foods.

Freeze Your Own

Even better than organic is to freeze your own fruit.  Most fruit in any given variety seems to all ripen at the same time.  If you freeze the excess, you could use it for your smoothies all year long.

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe – The Recipe

Mix the below ingredients together and blend to a consistency that you like.



My Favorite Smoothie Recipe – Ingredients

1C – Frozen Sliced Bananas

2 – Spinach Ice Cubes

2 – Kale Ice Cubes

1 ½ C – Frozen Organic Cherries (from BJs)

2C – Frozen Organic Triple Berry (From BJs) (Strawberry, Blackberry, & Raspberry)

1TBSP – Local Raw Honey

1 Scoop – Raw Organic Protein (Garden of Life brand)

1 Avocado (optional)

3C – Filtered Water

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe


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The Video

Check out the video below titled My Favorite Smoothie Recipe.

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Here is a link on how to freeze bananas for smoothies.

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