This is a Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review.  We will go over the product datasheet and discuss my experiences with this product.  This review covers the Hydroplanet™ T5 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent HO Bulbs Included for Indoor Horticulture Gardening T5 Grow Lights Fixtures (8 Lamp, 4ft)

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I bought my system from on April 12, 2016 and installed it and used it for the 2016 growing season and I’m now using it for the 2017 growing season, with no issues.  I bought my system for $155 from Amazon, but this exact model is not currently offered any more on Amazon, as of this writing.  It can be purchased from Hydroplanet directly for $150 and I’ll include a link below to get you to that product.  I’ll also include an Amazon link below to a similar product in case you are an Amazon junkie like I am and prefer to buy from them.

Amazon’s rating system rates it at 4.3 stars out of 5 with 279 ratings.  Most of the low rating issues were dead on arrival units, refurbished issues, or shipping issues.

Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review

Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review

The Datasheet

The data sheet on the product boasts that it is made with European highly reflective aluminum interior, a power coated housing, and can be hung and operated vertically or horizontally.  It has a daisy chain outlet for connecting multiple systems together and operates on a 110V/120V, 15′ power cord.  The dimensions are 50 x 27 x 5 inches and it weighs 33lbs. The system is an 8 lamp, 4ft bulb T5 light fixture that includes 6500K grow bulbs.

Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review - Reflective

Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review – Reflective

What is 6500K?

Color temperature is measured by a unit called the Kelvin (K). The 6500K is where it falls on the Kelvin Color Temperature Index.  A lower number is redder, a number like 2700K is more yellow, and a number from 5000K to 7000K is bluer, often referred as like daylight. Plants use blue light for vegetative growth and red light for flowering, ­­­­so when starting seedlings, you want something in the blue range.  In doing a quick glance online, 6500K seems to be the color of choice.

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The Products

4-Foot 8-Lamp System

Here is the product I bought.  The cheapest purchase option that I found is directly from Hydroplanet.

Here are some Amazon options:

2-Foot 4-Lamp System

4-Foot 4-Lamp System

The Video

Check out the video below titled Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light Product Review

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