Growing Elderberries A Treasure for Many

I have been growing elderberries for four years now and they have become one of my favorite edible and beneficial berry plants.  It is the third week in June and they are all in full bloom now.  The blooms can either be mixed with a batter that you can make pancakes out of or you can leave them on the branches to form the berries.

Growing Elderberries - The Plant

Growing Elderberries – The Plant

The berries will be ripe in late July or early August.  Last year I picked and then washed the berries and then froze them until I had time to make the elderberry syrup.  I eventually made the syrup in January this  year.

The Syrup

Here is the link for Making Elderberry Syrup.  This year I had enough elderberries to make 6 jars, but I just found another bag of berries in the freezer that I missed.  This is June and I’m down to my last jar of elderberry syrup.  

I have Adams, Johns, Nova and American Elderberries.  For the last two winters I have trimmed the bushes down to between two and four feet high.  I use the wood that I trimmed for hardwood winter cuttings.  By June the plants have already grown up to surpass twelve feet high.

I have included a close up picture of the flower is shown below.   Each of the individual white flowers will turn out to be an individual elderberry.

Growing Elderberries - The Flower

Growing Elderberries – The Flower

Because the elderberries grow so high a few months after being trimmed, they sometimes fall over due to the weight.  Since they have fallen over, they get trimmed and are good for softwood cuttings in June or July.

The Video

Below is a YouTube video on growing elderberries.

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