Fruit Trees Flowering Early and May Lose All of the Fruit

This post is about my Fruit Trees Flowering Early.  My nectarine and peach trees each have about a thousand buds each that are starting to flower out.  The pear and plum trees also have buds that are starting to flower out. It is March 1st and I’m in zone 7 in the mid-Atlantic area.  This is way too early.

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Fruit Trees Flowering Early Nectarine

Fruit Trees Flowering Early Nectarine


This is about 6 weeks earlier than they normally flower out, but we have had several weeks with well above normal temperatures.  The last two weeks has had about four days up in the 70’s.  Normally our highs are in the 40’s.


The implications with the trees budding out early is the risk of losing all of the fruit if we go into the low twenties or teens.  I just checked the forecast and they are calling for it to do down to seventeen degrees the day after tomorrow.  At that temperature, I will definitely lose the buds that have opened up.  I do not know what will happen to the buds that haven’t flowered yet.  It really is a shame because I have never seen so many buds on my trees before.

Fruit Trees Flowering Early Pear

Fruit Trees Flowering Early Pear

Bush Cherry and Honeyberry

My Nanking bush cherry is in full bloom.  I’m not sure if it can handle temps down into the teens or not.  We had a late freeze last year and the Nanking cherry did fruit.

The honeyberry is flowering out as well.  I’m pretty sure it will be ok because they consistently flower out in March and always fruit for us.

I’ll give an update later in the spring when I figure out what survived and what didn’t.

Fruit Trees Flowering Early Nanking Cherry

Fruit Trees Flowering Early Nanking Cherry

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