Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies A How To

This post is about Flash Freezing Bananas.  This can be done with ripe or over ripe bananas to save them for later use.  I use mine in smoothies.


The reason this video came to be is that my wife went out and bought some bananas.  But on the same day on the way home from work, I bought bananas.  We use bananas in our smoothies, but we had twice what we needed at this point and they would turn brown and go bad before we used them.

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies

The Tools

The tools of the trade for flash freezing are: a cookie sheet, a knife, cutting board, parchment paper, and a freezer.


The first thing I do is peel the banana and then lay it on the cutting board.  Then cut the banana into slices, each slice being between one quarter and one half inch thick.

In the Pan

The next thing to do is to put parchment paper on the cookie sheet and then lay the bananas out on the parchment paper.  Make sure none of the bananas touch one another.  You want to get them into the freezer as soon as you can once they are cut so that they don’t turn brown and bruised looking.

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies


Now move the cookie sheet to the freezer.  They really only need an hour or two in a good freezer, but I forgot mine and they spent the night in the freezer.  This is not problem at all.

Remove from Parchment

When you remove the cookie sheet from the freezer, the next step is to remove the bananas from the parchment paper.  They will be frozen and won’t stick to each other, but will be a little sticky on the bottom side from prior to the freeze and will stick to the parchment paper.  Just pull them off and they will be fine.

Bag and Label

From the parchment paper, the bananas get moved to a plastic bag.  I usually use a one gallon bag.  Label the bag with what you have and the date before you put anything in the bag.  Then put the bananas in the bag and place in the freezer.  Because they are already individually frozen, they will not stick together in a big blob, so you can pull out the quantity of bananas you want.  I use about a handful per smoothie.

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies

Flash Freezing Bananas for Smoothies

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The Video

Check out the video below titled Flash Freezing Bananas.

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