Paw Paw Tree For Sale

Paw Paw Tree For Sale

The paw paw tree Asimina triloba is a deciduous tree (and can be a shrub) native to eastern North America.  It has a growing to a height of 35 feet with a slight tropical look to it.  It has edible fruit, and is a good understory tree but can also be a canopy tree. Paw Paw tree for sale.

Paw Paw Trees

Select Seedlings: $25

Named Grafted Varieties $45 (We only have a few KSU Atwoods left)

The leaves are simple, alternate and spirally arranged and can be as long as 12 inches. The disagreeable-smelling leaves, twigs, and bark of pawpaws contain natural insecticides known as acetogenins. Pawpaw leaves and twigs are seldom consumed by rabbits, deer, or goats, or by many insects.

The flowers are about 1-2 inches across, rich red-purple or maroon when mature, with three sepals and six petals. Some say the flowers look like little maroon lanterns when they are blooming.

Plant Specifications

Paw Paw Tree For Sale

More on Paw Paws

You will usually not find a paw paw in the grocery store. The reason for this is not because they don’t taste good – quite the contrary, the fruit tastes wonderful. The issue is that the fruit only lasts a few days UN-refrigerated or a week if refrigerated. Therefore, the fruit is not shelf stable enough to be sold in a regulars store.

If you have never heard of Paw Paws, live in the mid-Atalantic area and want to experience the wonderful taste of paw paws and learn some of the details about the plant then I highly recommend you attend a paw paw festival. There are many paw paw festivals around. I have been to a few but my favorite is the a paw paw festival held in Frederick, MD each September at Long Creek Homestead.

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