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Eastern Redbud is a deciduous understory tree or large shrub that is native to Eastern North America and Canada.   In April it blooms with a pinkish/purple flower that you often see on side of the roadway.  The blooms are followed by heart shaped leaves that start out with a touch of red that turns to deep green later in the year.  In the fall the leaves turn a beautiful yellow color.

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The branches form an irregular pattern that can be quite showy.  If you want a true single stemmed tree you can stake and prune the Eastern Redbud to be a very handsome straight tree with a beautiful globe shaped canopy.

Eastern Redbud

Redbud flowers and young legumes (seed pods) are edible.  I have found the flowers to be rather tasteless.

Because of its deep tap root, it does not transplant well unless it is a very young tree.

Seeds require scarification and up to two months of stratification to sprout.  It should also be noted that Redbuds have a short lifespan when compared to other trees.  Generally, a Redbud will only survive 20 to 30 year.

While Redbud is a legume, it does not fix nitrogen in the soil like most legumes do.

Above: Eastern Redbud Seed Pod

Below: Eastern Redbud Leaf

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