The SHURflo 4008 Product Review The Down and Dirty

This is a SHURflo 4008 Product Review.  The product is needed for a rainwater harvesting system to provide instant on water pressure to a garden hose.  The requirements are to provide instant on access to water with pressure that can keep a mist irrigation system running.  It needs to be a system that runs on 115v and does not need a person to set it up or power it on or off every time it is used.

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

The Pump

I ordered my system from Amazon and it has a part number of ShurFlo 4008-171-E65.  It is a 115V 3GPM and is in ShurFlo’s Revolution series of pumps.  It is designed for high flow demand, low noise, can run dry without damage, and no rapid cycling.  The pump has 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Product Test

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

In order to test the product, I needed to put it together to run it.  This involved putting PVC pipe on the input side to draw water in. I used hard PVC so it would draw water out of my fish pond.  Then on the output side I used hard PVC pipe connected to a hose bib.  This allowed me to connect the system up to a 75-foot garden hose.  This is the way it will actually be used in the field and the garden hose actually gets pressurized allowing instant on pressure.  I mounted the system on a piece of 2×6 I had laying around.

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

Not Weather Proof

The pump is not weather proof and needs to be housed in some kind of system to protect it from the elements.  This does not matter for my use, but I just wanted to let you know so you are not surprised by that.

½” Connectors

I could not find anywhere online what size the connectors on the pump are.  It turns out they are ½” PVC type connectors.  Even with a ½” PVC connector connected to a ¾” hose, it still kept the system pressurized and flowing well.

When you are putting the system together, take note of the arrow on top of the pump.  This arrow indicates direction of water flow.

SHURflo 4008 Product Review

The Demo

I tested the system out and was quite amazed by the amount of pressure that the system put out.  It kept the hose pressurized and the pump automatically shut off when I turned the hose off.  Then when I ran the hose, the pump automatically came back on after a couple of seconds and kept the water flowing.  The water shot out of the hose under pressure to a distance of about twenty feet from where I was standing.

The Review

I love this little pump.  For under $100 on Amazon Prime, I could not have asked for more.  It met all of my needs and was very affordable.

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