Hugelkultur is wood on the ground that is buried by soil and then planted into.

Hugelkultur Permaculture Garden

Hugelkultur Permaculture Garden This post discuses what a Hugelkultur Permaculture Garden is and how to make one.  There are quite a few pictures included to give you an idea of what I'm doing while putting this together.Hugelkultur, pronounced Hoo-gul-culture, is...

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Epi002 – Great Escape Podcast Week of 9/23/15

Each week Great Escape Podcast will give you an audio alternative to reading the blog posts on Great Escape Farms.  This weeks podcast covers the week of September 23, 2015 and only has 3 days of content to cover...

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Thanksgiving and Native American Farmers

This post, Thanksgiving and Native American Farmers, gives a glimpse into the lives of the settlers in the 17th century and some of their farming practices.In the fall of 1620 the Mayflower arrived off the coast of Plymouth Massachusetts.  By...

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Hugelkultur Permaculture Beds at Great Escape Farms

Hugelkultur Permaculture Beds at Great Escape Farms Ever since I first heard about permaculture I wanted Hugelkultur Permaculture Beds at Great Escape Farms.  Below are pictures of my first Hugelkultur Bed.  It is basically a trench dug down about 2...

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