Weigela florida Variegata Plant Information

This article, titled Weigela florida Variegata Plant Information, is about a variety of deciduous variegated shrub native to eastern Asia. The plant has a slow to medium growth rate reaching four to six feet height & six or seven feet width.  They prefer moist but well-drained fertile soils in sun or partial shade.

Weigela florida Variegata Plant Information

Weigela florida Variegata Plant Information

The variegated green narrowly ovate leaves are edged with a creamy white color.  The leaves hang on arching branches that have clusters of 1” funnel-shaped pink flowers.  In some cases, the small clusters of funnel-shaped flowers are white, pink or red. Although most nurseries boast flowering from late spring into fall, my experience has been a large bloom with lots of flowers in June and then an occasional flower here and there for the remainder of the summer.

The flowers are especially attractive to hummingbirds, but also attract bees and other beneficial insects.


Weigela florida Variegata can be propagated from softwood, semi-hardwood, and hardwood cuttings.  I did softwood cuttings last year and had a very high success rate.  I just put hardwood cuttings in the ground the first week of February and have high hopes for them as well.

While it is said online that the seeds can be planted and grown, they usually do not come true to the parent plant, so you never know what you are going to get.  If you want a plant that is true to the parent, your best bet is to take a hardwood or softwood cutting.

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