Weekly Schedule 11_30_15 and 1st Podcast

Here is what we are going to be covering this week on the Great Escape Farms blog post:

Monday – Plant Guild – A Permaculture Practice

Tuesday – Mimosa – Tree

Wednesday – Other Nurseries – Rare Seeds

Thursday – Paw Paw – Tree

Friday – Wild Berries & Herbs – Nature Mobile – Phone App

Today I recorded episode 001 of the Great Escape Podcast.  This episode is an introduction to the new podcast.  The podcasts will cover the topics that were posted on the blog from the prior week.  Starting with episode 002, I’ll be going back to September 23rd and doing an episode for each week until I catch up to the current week.  Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be caught up and posting a podcast at the end of the week of the topics covered that week.

The podcasts likely won’t be published for a week or two while I work through all of the technical details on how to post them on feedburner and iTunes.  I’ll shoot out a post and email to everyone when they are posted to the public.