Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings – A How To

This post, Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings, explains how and why I potted up several hundred rooting cuttings this weekend and provides you with a video of the progress.

Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings

Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings

This weekend I potted up several hundred plants.  The plants were rooted cuttings that have been in “beach sand” since last summer.  The plants are now well rooted and are just starting to bud out.  What I was able to finish this weekend is shown in the picture titled “Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings”.


I needed to get them out of the rooting medium (the sand) and into soil so they will grow into larger plants and so they have nutrition and not die.  The best time to transplant these little cuttings is when they are dormant so they do not suffer from shock.

The process of potting the rooted cuttings involves digging the plants up, being careful not to harm the roots of the plant I’m digging up or the surrounding plants.  Then I gently shake off all of the rooting medium (the sand) from around the roots and soak them in water for about 10 to 15 minutes to hydrate them.

While the plants are soaking in water, I pull out the number of pots I will need and label each pot so I know what the plants are.  I need to label them because I have several plants that are very similar in looks, but are different varieties.  Then I put an inch or so of dirt on the bottom of the pot and maybe a little more if the plants roots are shallow vs. deep.

More again

Now I remove each plant from the water and put it in a pot and put soil around it.  I want the plant to be at the same depth it was in the rooting medium.  I don’t want them to be too deep or too shallow.  Be careful to not bunch the roots up.  Try to spread the roots out as it would be naturally.

More Work Ahead

More Work Ahead

Then put the pots where they will go and water them in.  Now they are good to go and as long as I keep them well watered they will survive as long as needed in the pots.

I had a good start this weekend, but did not finish because I ran out of soil.  I still have quite a few of the larger plants to pot up, but I will need quite a bit more soil to complete the transplants.  You can see the plants that are still remaining in the grow bed in the picture titled “More Work Ahead”.

Below is a YouTube video of “Time to Pot Rooted Cuttings”.  You can find other videos that show the rooted cuttings from when they first went in last year at Great Escape Farms YouTube channel.

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