The New Hardwood Cuttings are Doing Spectacular

The New Hardwood Cuttings are Doing Spectacular.  I put them in the ground in December of 2015.  Hardwood cuttings (winter cuttings) are cuttings from one-year-old wood that is dormant in the late fall or winter.  Softwood cuttings are cuttings from the current seasons growth that is taken in early summer through early fall.

The New Hardwood Cuttings are Doing Spectacular

For the picture on this post and the video below, I took cuttings in December 2015 from growth that had grown in the spring and summer of 2015. I took cuttings from my dormant plants, dipped the end in rooting hormone and stuck it in some concrete sand.  Now, six months later most are leafing out and doing well.

The nice thing about hardwood cuttings is they are relatively low maintenance.  I have only had to water them twice in the last six months.  I did have to trim some flowers and fruit off.  Other than that, they have just been sitting there growing on their own.

For more details on hardwood cuttings and to see these plants going in, see our post called Plant Propagation Cuttings.


I planted several hundred elderberry plants and have almost a one-hundred percent success rate on them.  I have found that elderberry is one of the easiest plants to propagate in both the winter with hardwood cuttings as well as the summer with softwood cuttings.

Next week I’m likely going to dig them up and pot them because I’m afraid the root system is getting too large and I will not be able to dig them up in another couple of months.  Once I do dig them up and pot them, they will need to be watered almost daily until they are established, so I’ll have to set up an automatic watering system.

Dappled Willow

The dappled willows have about a 75 percent success rate.  I have found that dappled willow doesn’t have a high success rate with softwood cuttings, but they do great with winter cuttings.


I have had a very low success rate with some blueberry cuttings.  Last year with the softwood cuttings I only had about a five percent success rate.  This winter the cuttings were constantly pulled out or knocked over and I only have about five percent success rate on them as well.

Nanking Cherry

Nanking cherry did not do well with hardwood cuttings.  For soft wood cuttings last year, we had a better than 75% success rate.  I’ll do some research and see if I did something wrong.

Sweet Scarlet Goumi

In the video below, I couldn’t remember what the next plant up was.  I just looked it up and it is Sweet Scarlet Goumi.  I have about a twenty-five percent success rate with the Goumi.  I had a ninety percent success rate with softwood cuttings, but I had a late freeze come in after they budded out that killed a lot of my Goumi this year.

Goji Berry

The goji berry did not do well with winter cuttings.  I’m sitting at 10 percent or less with the hardwood cuttings. I had an almost 100 percent success rate with softwood cuttings last year.


Weigela does well with both hardwood and softwood cuttings.  I got close to one-hundred percent with both.

Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bushes are sitting at just under fifty percent success rate with hardwood cuttings.  We had almost one-hundred percent success rate with softwood cuttings last summer.

Concord Grapes

Concord grapes do great with hardwood cuttings.  We are sitting at seventy-five percent with hardwood cuttings.  Grapes do not fare well with softwood cuttings.

The Video

Please check out our YouTube video below that is titled The New Hardwood Cuttings are Doing Spectacular.


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