The Backyard Nursery is Actually Doing Extraordinary

The Backyard Nursery is Actually Doing Extraordinary in the Pasadena, MD location.  Today we talk about maypop suckers and how to propagate them as well as other plants we will be selling later this summer.

Backyard Nursery Update

Backyard Nursery Update


I planted one maypop three years ago.  This year I have cut and transplanted about 130 suckers from that original plant.  The plant suckers a lot, but if you can control the suckers by mowing them down or transplanting them or if you just don’t care about the suckers, this is a great plant.  It has beautiful and fragrant flowers, is fast growing, and produces tropical flavored fruit.

The way to propagate maypop is to simply dig them up, soak them in water for at least a half hour, then put them in a pot with dirt.  I put the pots with the freshly dug up maypop suckers under my hardy banana trees.  Here they get almost entirely shade.  I will leave them there for about six weeks before I move them to a sunnier location.  I leave them in the shade to give them some time to start establishing roots.  For more information on maypop, check out Maypop Plant Information | A Unique Edible Vine.

Selling Plants

I have quite a few plants left that I will be selling on Craig’s list later this summer.  Some of these plants include maypop, elderberry, aronia, weigela, butterfly bush, grapes, muscadines, and many other plants.  I will put a post on the Great Escape Nursery web site about a week before I put them on Craig’s list to give my regular customers and followers a first crack at getting the plants.  You can also email me if you are interested in any of the plants.  I expect to start selling these plants in the second week of July.

I can only sell them to folks that live close enough to pick them up or meet me somewhere.  The plants are budded out now and cannot be shipped as bare root plants as the plants would die from the shock.  Because of this, they have to be transported with soil and it would be cost prohibitive to ship them with the soil.

The Video

Check out the video below titled Backyard Nursery Update:

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