Suburban Homesteading in Maryland

This post and accompanying video provides a look into Suburban Homesteading in Maryland.  In the video I walk around the property and show you the many edible plants that are growing, flowering, and fruiting.

Suburban Homesteading Weigela

Suburban Homesteading Weigela

The video shows blueberries plants and gives a little Blueberry Plant Information.  Hostas and rhododendrons are discussed.  Then I stroll over to the Sweet Scarlet Goumi bush and provide a little Sweet Scarlet Goumi Plant Information.  Next is Nanking Bush Cherry Plant Information followed by Weigela florida Variegata Plant Information, which are now in full bloom.  The picture above titled Suburban Homesteading Weigela shows this beautiful shrub in full bloom.

Not So Unsusuals

Then the walk takes us to the not so unusual plants.  The pear tree, peach tree, and nectarine tree.  We then go to the plum tree and finally the mulberry tree.  The mulberry is an ever-bearing type tree and is loaded with unripe fruit.  I can’t wait until they start to ripen.  I did a post on Mulberry Tree Information in January of 2016.

On to the Hugelkultur Bed

I then headed over to the Hugelkultur Permaculture Garden.  There I go over honey berry plants, goumi plants, high bush and low bush blue berries, and a black currant bush.  I took a video over the fence and showed the square foot garden, the strawberry patch, the grape vines, muscadine vines and the black berry bushes.

The Pool Area is Packed with Unique Edibles

Next I went into the pool area and started videoing.  I have quite a few unique edibles in there.  I started out by the brown turkey fig and then moved to the hardy bananas.  Around the hardy bananas I have several hundred potted plants from last years cuttings that are waiting to be sold on Craig’s List.  I also have a few plants in this area that I had purchased and have not got into the ground yet.

The pool area also has three apple trees, only one of which is fruiting this year.  This area also has a Korean bush cherry, a Rosa rugosa, and red currant.  There are 4 varieties of elderberries, sea berries, viking aronia, heritage raspberry, Ann Golden Raspberry, a sweet cherry tree, and a sour cherry tree.


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