This is a Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update.  I did a post and video in October of 2016 on how to setup a Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin.  This post provides an update on the status of the bin, answers to some of the questions I have had and some of the lessons learned.

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Adding Compostables

I have been adding more compostable material every week.  I add kitchen scraps to include crushed egg shells, banana peels, any rotten fruit, potato skins, carrot skins, coffee grinds, tea bags, and anything else that you would normally put in a compost bin.  These are all of my greens.  For my browns I have been using shredded paper.  I could also use leaves, cardboard pieces or small twigs.

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update


I was asked by one person if the system smells.  Usually the system just smells “earthy”.  There were a few days that it did smell a little, but that was my fault.  I had a bag of spinach in the refrigerator that I forgot about and it started to rot.  I threw it on top of the worm bin and did not cover it with a brown.  As soon as I did cover it with some shredded paper it stopped smelling.

Worms on the Side

The worms have been crawling up to the top and sides for the last few days.  Sometimes that is because the compost material is too moist.  That is not the issue that my bin is having.  It is simply adventurous worms and the fact that we have not had sun in the past two days because it has been raining outside.  I have the bin near a window and when it is sunny out, enough light comes in the window and in to the little holes on the worm bin that they stay down below.

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Fruit Flies

There are quite a few fruit flies hanging around now.  I haven’t done anything with them yet, but I think it is something that I’m going to have to deal with.  I’ll likely hit up the Homesteading Facebook Group and ask them about this issue.


I have some beautiful soil forming in the bottom of the compost bin.  It is taking a little longer than I thought it would, but the pace may pick up a little as the worm population grows.

Worm Juice

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

Red Wiggler Worm Compost Bin Update

There is quite a bit of worm juice in the bottom bin.  This is good fertilizer to add feed to plants in the summer months.  I need to figure out what to do with that worm juice in the winter months.  It is December as I write this and it is not the optimum time to be fertilizing anything.  I’m afraid that if I simply put it in a jar and keep it for five months it will likely go anaerobic and be more harmful than good.  Another item I need to research.

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The Video

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