Plant Propagation via Cuttings Wind Blown Information You Need to Know

This article, Plant Propagation via Cuttings – Wind Blown, talks about the cuttings that were planted in January and February out at the farm in WV.  I went up there this weekend and found that many of the cuttings were just laying on the ground.

Plant Propagation via Cuttings | Wind Blown

Plant Propagation via Cuttings | Wind Blown

What I believe happened is the wind blew them over.  When the cuttings were put in the ground, the ground was partially frozen and I could not put them in the ground as much as I would have liked to.  That coupled with the sand being very loose just by the nature of the rooting medium and the wind I get at the top of the hill, was enough to put the cuttings on their side.

The blueberries were the worst.  I think every single blueberry was uprooted.  Because the plants have been in snow and we have received a good deal of rain this year, I don’t think this will phase the cuttings too much at all.  Hardwood cuttings are a lot more forgiving than softwood cuttings because it is cooler and there are not leaves that add to the drying out of a plant.  If this had happened to softwood cuttings, I’d have about an hour or two in the shade and only a few minutes in the sun to save the cuttings.

So the fix for this weekend was to simply push the plants back in the ground to the depth that they should have been in the first place.  That was easy to do this weekend since we were above freezing and did not have to fight with frozen sand.  This week they are calling for some rain, so that will help settle the sand and keep the cuttings alive.

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