More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – A how to

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent gives you an update on the groundhog that I have been waging war with for the last two plus years.  He has been burrowing under my deck for the last four years and didn’t pay him too much mind until the year before last.  He is one of the most persistent critters I’ve ever seen.

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More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent

First Round

The year before last I tried caving in his holes, sprinkling granulated fox urine around his entrances, and blocking his entrances.  I even tried suffocating him with carbon monoxide from my four-wheeler exhaust fumes.  Nothing worked.

Lead Poisoning

Between my neighbor and I we were able to dispatch two of them with rifles.  But since we are weekend warriors out at the farm, we don’t see them enough to really affect the population.

Last Year’s Counter Measures

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Chicken Wire

Last year I put down chicken wire on the front and side of the deck.  I buried it down a couple of inches and angled it out so the groundhog couldn’t burrow under the wire.  I also put a few coils of barbed wire out in the ground so that if he did get through, he would not be happy.  This kept him out last year.

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Barbed Wire


The pesky little booger is very persistent and has been chewing up my lattice trying to get in through it, but the chicken wire runs up behind the lattice.  This year he has continued to chew the lattice.  But last week he moved down to the back side of the deck where he had never tried to get in before.  Because I did not have chicken wire back there, he was able to get in.

Round Two

This past weekend, I added more chicken wire.  I added it up higher under the lattice, so the chicken wire is a minimum of two feet high, as well as under the ground and out into the soil.  We also added it to the back part of the deck.  Again, we went up two feet high at least and we went down six inches deep and out eighteen inches to keep him from burrowing under.

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent

Still Persistent

Over night or early the next morning, he was back at it trying to dig and get under the deck.  I will continue to monitor, but I think he is completely blocked out for now.

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The Video

Check out the video below titled More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent.

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent - Video

More Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Video

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