Maypop propagation can be done via hardwood or softwood cuttings, layering, or by digging up rooted suckers from the mother plant.  This post is about digging up rooted suckers from the mother plant.  I posted a video on Great Escape Farms YouTube Channel that shows the steps for maypop propagation.

Maypop Propagation

Maypop Propagation

I have had a maypop, Passiflora incarnate, for three years now.  It “pops” up every May, which is how it gets its name, Maypop.  It is a vine with very showy and fragrant flowers as well as tasty fruit later in the summer or early fall.  I did a post providing Maypop Plant Information a while back.  Just click on the highlighted link for Maypop Plant Information which gives you general growing information as well as a recipe using the maypop fruit.

My vine has managed to send out roots in all directions under the ground that produce suckers.  Some of the suckers pop up more than twenty five feet away from the original planting.  Since I end up with so many suckers, I figure I might as well propagate some and move them out to the farm in West Virginia.

The way I do maypop propagation is simply by putting a shovel in the ground and make a cutting circle around the suckers about 6 inches away from the sucker.   Then I reach in with my hand and break the soil up and carefully pull the sucker and root out.  I then soak the sucker in water for about half an hour to an hour.

Once the sucker has soaked in water to keep it hydrated, I grab a pot to put it in, label the pot and then put some dirt on the bottom of the pot and then add the maypop root.  Then cover the root and water.  I also cut all leaves off except for one or two.  This will help the plant conserve water until it gets a good root system going.

Now I put the pot in an area that gets mostly shade.  I want just a little dappled sun to hit the plant for the first two weeks.  After two weeks I will move it to a spot that will give it several hours of sun and after a month to six weeks I will move it into full sun.

The YouTube video below shows how I took the suckers and put them in pots.

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