This post is about how to make a Humanure Composting Toilet.  This post gives a high-level overview of what a composting toilet is and how it works.


I was in a Permaculture Design Class (PDC) in the fall of 2016 and we all broke up into groups and did projects.  The group I was in made a portable greenhouse.  The post today is about what another group made which was something called a humanure composting toilet.

Humanure Composting Toilet System

The system that the group made consisted of two different deposit points.  One for human “pee” and another for human “poo”.  They separate out the two because if you get too much pee or urine in the overall system it will stink and not compost properly.

Humanure Composting Toilet

Humanure Composting Toilet

Urine System

The “pee” or urine system was basically a toilet seat with a funnel under it.  The funnel was connected to a hose that ran the liquid out of the building.  It could be dropped off out in the woods or anywhere away from the building.

Humanure Composting Toilet

Humanure Composting Toilet

Solid System

The “poo” or solid system was a toilet seat raised up on a platform with a trash can underneath.  The property owners would make sure there was sawdust available to put on top of the solids.

Humanure Composting Toilet

Humanure Composting Toilet

Saw Dust

The saw dust acted as smell control by covering the solids.  It also helped the solids break down and become compost.  The goal of the system is compost the solids down to the point that they can actually be used in the garden.  I’m still not one-hundred percent sold on this process myself, but I must admit, I have done no research on this at all.  I only saw this one system that was built in class and heard the description by my classmates.

The Timeline

I have read in an article or two that said the humanure needs to compost for a year before it is ready to use.  In the class I was in they said that it would be ready in a couple of months.  Again, I have not researched this, so this is certainly something that you would want a firm answer on before you did this.

The Book

Humanure Composting Toilet

Humanure Composting Toilet

There was a book that was referenced in class.  The book is called the “Humanure Handbook” and I have a link below so you can check it out if you like.

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The Video

Check out the video below titled Humanure Composting Toilet. The video was made in a classroom environment and does have some background noise and others asking questions.

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