Amazing Homemade Pizza Oven at the Paw Paw Festival

This weekend I witnessed the maiden voyage of a Homemade Pizza Oven made by Ron of Ron’s Handyman Services.  He custom made this oven and is willing to transport it to your party or will build one for you.

Paw Paw Festival in Fredrick, MD

I spent this past Saturday at a Paw Paw festival in Fredrick, MD.  There were many activities going on and one of the vendors there was gracious enough to give me a tour of his exhibit and he explained on video what he was doing.

Homemade Pizza Oven

Homemade Pizza Oven

Mobile Pizza Oven

The vendor was Ron from Ron’s Handy Man Service.  He does a variety of things for people, but for the festival he had a homemade pizza oven that was mounted on a trailer.  The oven is a fire brick and heat stop mortar configuration that you build a fire in on both sides and the back of the oven.  The pizza slides into the oven from the front and is surrounded by fire on three sides.  He rotates the pizza as it cooks to get an even cook all the way around.  The end result is a wood fired pizza that has a wonderful wood smoked flavor.

Homemade Pizza Oven

Homemade Pizza Oven

The Trailer

The trailer was custom built and modified for the pizza oven.  It was re-enforced with angle-iron to handle the weight of the pizza oven and the tailgate was cut so the setup looked natural and not like a landscape trailer.  He also added feet that crank down and stabilize the trailer while he is cooking.

The Food

During the festival there was a constant line at his trailer.  The food was wonderful and the smell of the wood fired oven drew anyone over to him as they were walking by.  I saw many folks eating the pizza and everyone seemed impressed.

The First Pizza

To Reach Ron

If you would like to talk to Ron about his services, call him at 240-678-3189.

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The Video

Check out the Homemade Pizza Oven video below.

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