Hold All Test Tube Soil Test Kit Product Review

This post, Hold All Test Tube Soil Test Kit Product Review, is the third in a series of three product reviews on at home soil test kits.

Hold All Test Tube Soil Test Kit Product Review

Hold All Test Tube Soil Test Kit Product Review

This particular test kit is not a meter, but a series of tests that you perform by mixing you soil with solutions to get color coded comparisons.  This kit measures Ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash.

The Ph is done by taking a small soil sample and putting it in a test tube, filling it up to the first line on the test tube.  Then you add the contents of one Ph package to the test tube.  Then you fill the test tube up to the fourth line on the test tube with filtered water.  Put the top on the test tube and shake very well.  In one minute you compare the color of the contents of the test tube with a Ph chart provided with the test kit and you have your Ph results.

The other three tests involves you mixing water with you soil, shaking and then letting it settle before you test.  I took a Tupperware bowl with a lid and took 1/3 cup of soil with no debris.  Debris is organic matter like leaves and roots.  Remove all the organic matter that you can.  The I added five 1/3 cups of filtered water.  You need a 5 to 1 ratio of water to soil.  Then I put the lid on the Tupperware bowl and shook it for about a minute.

After you have done the above step, set the bowl aside for at least a half an hour for the mud and silt to settle to the bottom.  I let mine sit overnight.

Once the water has settled you use the provided “baster” tool to put the water in each of the three remaining test tubes up to the fourth line.  The baster is a tool that is shaped like a mini turkey baster and is used to suck the water from your bowl and put in your test tube without disturbing the water and soil mixture.

After the water is in the test tubes, add the test solution package to the test tubes.  Match the color of the test tube lids to the color of the test solution.  Put the lid on the test tube and shake it well.  Let the test tubes sit for about ten minutes and then match the color of the solution with the color on the charts provided with the kit.

Details of this test being performed are shown in the video below.


This test showed that I have slightly acidic soil, which corresponds with other tests I have performed.  It also showed that I’m very light on nitrogen and phosphorus and a little light on potash.  This is what I expected as I do not use any fertilizers and have not added any compost to the area I was testing.

My Recommendations

This test kit seems to provide better results and more useful results than the other soil test systems that I have reviewed.  I can see a place for both this test system and the electronic version that also offers a reading on soil moisture.  My recommendation is a buy for this product.

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