This article, Hold All Moisture Light and Ph Product Review, is the second in a series of three reviews on soil Ph testers.

Hold All Moisture Light and Ph Product Review

Hold All Moisture Light and Ph Product Review

This tester does not test the fertilizer like the Ferry Morse soil tester claims, but it does check moisture and light, which the Ferry Morse does not check.

The Hold All meter has a three position switch below the light sensor.  To the left is moisture, in the center is light, and to the right is Ph.  You push the meter into the soil and take the reading on moisture and Ph.  No soil prep work like there is on the Ferry Morse.  You also push it into the soil for the light test, but you need to make sure that the meter is facing the light source.

Because of the issues I had with so many of the Ferry Morse testers not working at all, I tested this one in the store just to make sure the meter moved.  I tested two and the meter moved on both.

I suspected that my soil was acid because of all of the oak trees around.  However, when I put the meter in the soil, I tested only slightly acid.  This was backed up by another test that I’ll be talking about tomorrow.  I also took the tester over to my mother’s house and checked in an area that I knew was acid and the meter did show it as more acid.  So I would have to say that the meter will give you a general idea of the Ph of the soil.

I tested several areas at my residence and at my mothers for the moisture level and the meter seemed to give about the results I expected each time.

The video below shows my using this product.


This product seemed to operate successfully with results that were pretty close to what I would have expected for moisture and Ph.  The light meter did work showing the light level, but I personally don’t have much use for that in a full sun back yard, so I didn’t mess with it too much.

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a very fast read on your moisture and Ph this meter seemed to do the trick.  It cost about $12 at Lowes and I’d give this product a buy recommendation.

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