The Harvest Eating Cookbook

The The Harvest Eating Cookbook by Chef Keith Snow is a great book with over 200 recipes in it.  What makes this cookbook different than most is that this book is geared toward using products that you harvest from your own back yard or purchase from local producers.  There are sections in the book that talk about the economics and health benefits of eating locally and a sourcing guide to help you find the freshest ingredients where you live.

The Harvest Eating Cookbook

The Harvest Eating Cookbook

Chef Snow was the host of the PBS series Harvest Eating with Chef Snow.  He has been a chef since the ‘70s and has held various culinary positions in California, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Colorado.  He was the Executive Chef at Colorado’s Copper Mountain Resort before starting Harvest Eating .com in 2006.

Each recipe provides you with a prep time, cook time and ready time so you know ahead of time how long it will take.  Each recipe has comments from the chef, some of his thoughts of the recipe, others on what you will learn or need to know.  He then gives you the number of servings the recipe makes followed by the ingredients.  Next to the ingredients are the directions on how to make the recipe.  Many of the recipes have color pictures so you can see what the finished recipe looks like.

If you are into organic and local eating, this is the cookbook for you.  I found the book on Amazon for just over $7.00  You can purchase the book at Amazon at the link below.

Chef Keith Snow also has a blog post, podcast and many other resources on his website.  He also sells seasonings on his web site.  I have not bought any myself but did try some when I was at a weekend training session last year.  The rubs and sauces that I tried were great.  His website is at

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