Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent

This post is about Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent and shows what I have done to stop a groundhog from burrowing under my deck.  The solution includes collapsing all existing tunnels, two different barriers, coiled barbed wire as a deterrent as well as fox urine granules as a deterrent.

I put out a video a few weeks back asking for suggestions on what to do to take care of a groundhog that has been burrowing under my deck.  I’m only out at the farm from time to time and the groundhog makes himself scarce when I show up.  If I could shoot him, I would, but I never see him.

Collapse the Tunnels

So I am implementing several suggestions from the audience trying to do a thorough and complete approach.  The first thing I did was to take some boards off of the deck to access the tunnels.  I then collapsed as much of the tunnels as I could.  I left the ground loose and did not pack it down.

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Problem Exposed

Inside Fence

I then dug a trench in the area that he has been using to access the area.  Once the trench was dug, I put in rubber coated chicken wire and tacked it to the wood.  It extended down into the trench for almost two feet.  I then backfilled the trench to anchor the bottom of the chicken wire.  I then filled his hole in that came under the deck.

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Inside Fence

Barbed Wire as a Deterrent

I then cut some 30’ sections of barbed wire and coiled it up.  I maneuvered it under the deck and then spread it out so it would make for an extremely unpleasant experience for the little critter.

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Barbed Wire

The last thing I did before I put the deck planking back on is I sprinkled fox urine on the ground all over under the deck.  The link for where I bought mine is below.

Shake Away – Fox Urine:

Close that Door

The last thing to do was to seal off his initial point of entry.  So I dug an 18” trench around the front of the deck.  Then I put rubber coated chicken wire in the trench and tacked it up to the wood.  I bent the chicken wire out at a 90-degree angle so if he went straight down just outside the chicken wire, he would run into it.  I then covered the trench up with dirt.

Groundhog Repellent and Deterrent – Outside Fence

With any luck, this will keep the varmint away from my deck.  I’ll report back later in the summer one way or another.

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