Great Escape Nursery is now OPEN!

Great Escape Nursery is now OPEN!

Great Escape Nursery is now OPEN. We provide you with a link to look over the plants that can be picked up at our WV and MD nurseries.

Go to our nursery page to see plants available!  We have many varieties of Unique Edible Plants that we have grown on our farm in West Virginia.  Some are rooted cuttings and some are seedling varieties. 

You can find all kinds of unique plants like Paw Paw Trees and Goumi bushes.  Some possible medicinal plants like elderberry bushes.  We also have several varieties of mints and other herbaceous plants.

Great Escape Nursery is now OPEN!

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Any time you are going to buy something from Amazon, please go through our site.  All you have to do is click the Amazon button on the menu bar at the top of every page on our web site.  That link will take you to Amazon and you then shop as you normally do.  It does NOT cost you one penny more!  Thank you very much for helping to support our small business!

Great Escape Nursery is now OPEN!

Please check out all of our blog posts on Great Escape Farms. We cover many topics about Unique Edible Plants and other plants, even weeds that you can eat. We not only cover plants but provide a number of product reviews and homesteading updates. Also, be sure to check out the many how to posts and videos that we have where we teach you how to fix things and build things.

In addition to our blog post on Great Escape Farms, don’t forget to check out the Great Escape Farms YouTube channel that has hundreds of informative and educational videos for you.

We thank you for you continued support and look forward to working with you in the future.


  • Paul Klindt says:

    I see that you grow honeyberry . do you have them for sale. They need to be propagatable. Thanks for the videos. Paul, from southern Indiana.

  • terry klein says:

    i would be interested in plants and or seeds available for 2018 growing season.
    Thanks Terry zone6b

    • Todd McCree says:

      Hi Terry, The plants available for 2018 are/will be posted on I’m still updating that site and adding a few plants, but it is about 80% complete. Thanks!

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