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Great Escape Nursery Grand Opening has happened and we are ready to serve you at our MD and WV locations.  Just go to Great Escape Nursery and click on Plants for Sale.  Each plant will have its own rap sheet and purchase price for that plant.

Great Escape Nursery Grand Opening

The people that have supported us by signing up for our email list will receive a discount coupon for 25%  as a thank you for you support.

The plants that we have in stock are listed below. We will have limited quantities of all plants and I expect that some will be sold out in the first few weeks of the season.

Adams Elderberry

Aronia Viking

Goji Berry

Korean Bush Cherry



Nanking Cherry

Nova Elderberry

Rose of Sharon – Double Purple

Sweet Scarlet Goumi

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  • Gerry Lewis says:

    Hey Todd,
    I haven’t heard from you in ages. Great that you are involved in farming and nursery! Where is your place located? I would like to stop in and see it, and visit with you.

    G. Lewis

    • Todd McCree says:

      Hi Gerry,
      It has been a long time. How are things with you? I’m living in MD and doing some growing there. My farm is in Romney, WV. I’ll have to get you and the family out sometime.

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