The Great Escape Nursery Grand Opening of our Online Plant Nursery will be Saturday at 10AM!

Great Escape Nursery Grand Opening

Great Escape Nursery Grand Opening

Unique Plants for Sale at Great Escape Nursery!

We are opening the online nursery for our first sale tomorrow (Saturday Feb 27, 2016) at 10AM.  Just go to Great Escape Nursery and click on Plants for Sale.  That link will change when we open at 10AM and each plant will have its own rap sheet and purchase button for that plant.  You will be able to put them in your cart and pay online.

The people that have supported us by signing up for our email list will receive a discount coupon for 40%  off later  as a thank you for you support.  Those that follow us on Facebook will get a 20% discount code.  Plants can be purchased at Great Escape Nursery after 10AM on Saturday February 27th.  This is your last chance to sign up for our email list to get a 40% discount or to like our FaceBook page and get a 20% discount.

If you sign up for the email list, we will send you the discount code as soon as possible after we are notified about you signing up.

The plants that we will be offering are listed below along with the anticipated pricing.  We will have limited quantities of all plants and I expect that some will be sold out on the 27th.

Adams Elderberry $10

Aronia Viking $10

Autumn Olive $8

Butterfly Bush – Purple $10

Crape Myrtle – Pink $6

Goji Berry $10

Korean Bush Cherry $8

Muscadine – Bronze Murphy $8

Muscadine – Black Molly $8

Nanking Cherry $8

Nova Elderberry $10

Rose of Sharon – Double Purple $8

Sweet Scarlet Goumi $8

Weigela – Red Flower $8

Weigela – White Flower $8

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