Great Escape Farms Launch

Great Escape Farms Launch has officially happened. Great Escape Farms is a company that provides information on permaculture gardens, forest garden design, edible forest gardens, and permaculture garden layout.  We will be providing permaculture garden design ideas and how to grow a sustainable living garden using permaculture plants.  In the future our store, linked on the menu bar above, will sell unusual edible plants to grow as well as provide information on the easiest edible plants to grow.

Great Escape Farms Launch

Great Escape Farms Logo

The Nursery

Great Escape Nursery will be operating under Great Escape Farms.  The Nursery will sell unique edible plants that are available for pick up at our Maryland and West Virginia Nurseries.

Great Escape Farms Launch – Thanks!

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Want to Help A Small Business Out?

Support our small business by buying plants at Great Escape Nursery or shopping at Amazon by going through our link. Buying from either location helps our business produce more content for you.

If you like this blog post and want to find out more about Great Escape Farms check out our  Great Escape Farms Overview Page.  Here you get an overview of all the wonderful stuff we are involved in.  Also, sign up for our email list at the bottom of the linked page.

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