Easy Fence Barbed Wire Tool Product Review

This post is an Easy Fence Barbed Wire Tool Product Review.  This tool allows you to easily unwind barbed wire without getting cut.  The tool easily hooks and unhooks from the roll of barbed wire.

The tool is made in such a way that you can put a ½” pipe through the handle.  Once the pipe is through the handle, you can hook the roll up to a tractor or 4-wheeler for unwinding.  The tool allows the barbed wire to spin, but it does have a breaking system so it won’t continue spinning when you stop.  This breaking system will help prevent those nasty tangles that often happens.

The tool handle is about 5” long and is a little larger than a ½” pipe.  Welded to the handle is a shaft that is like a large framing nail with the nail head on the downward side.  Setting on top of the nail head is the barbed wire holding assembly.  Because it is sitting on the nail head it freely spins.

The barbed wire holding assembly has two hooks that are facing opposite directions.  It is these hooks that connect to the handle of the barbed wire.  Because they are facing opposite directions, it allows you to easily connect and disconnect the tool from the barbed wire roll.

The Recommendation

I used the tool to install four rows of barbed wire around my perennial garden.  It would have taken at least twice as long to do this job without the tool.  I would highly recommend if you are going to install a lot of barbed wire, that you invest in this tool.

Here is the product I bought:

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