Deer Proof Plant Propagation Beds Information You’ll Love

This post gives you an idea of what a Deer Proof Plant Propagation Beds is and why you would want to go through the time and expense to build one.

Deer Proof Plant Propagation Beds

Deer Proof Plant Propagation Beds

A propagation bed is nothing more than a raised bed with a planting medium that allows for plants to be rooted without rotting the roots from water saturation.  I generally use concrete sand as it allows water to pass through and allows young rooted cuttings to be easily transplanted.  The issue I have at my farm is a strong deer population due to all of the apple orchards in the area.  And when the orchards aren’t producing apples, the deer are looking for food and they love young cuttings. If you don’t have a deer problem, you don’t need to go through the expense of building one of these.  At my residence in Maryland where I do not have a deer issue, I simply use a raised bed with no other critter protection.


In order to protect my investment from the deer at the WV farm, I have built a deer proof propagation bed.  I built one this past winter that is pictured above.  It uses hog panel on the sides and four by two fencing on the front and back. It is completely enclosed and there is no way for deer to get in as long as the door is closed.  The hog panel is strong enough to put shade cloth over the top to keep the summer sun from beating down on the young tender plants.

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I built four Deer Proof Plant Propagation Beds and videoed the process.  I put together a playlist of YouTube videos that shows the entire process from beginning to end, including how to set it up for winter vs. summer and how to program the intermittent mist system.


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