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Check out Great Escape Farms YouTube Channel.  We have had almost 7,000 visitors in the last few months and are getting more visitors and subscribers every day.

Check it out for yourself and see what all of the commotion is about.

Great Escape Farms - Check Out Great Escape Farms YouTube Channel

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Here is what the description page on the the YouTube channel states:

Welcome to Great Escape Farms YouTube channel.  We specialize in unique edible plants, permaculture gardens, and homesteading.  We purchased a farm in Romney, WV and are in the process of implementing a permaculture design.  We are videoing the progress, showing our successes as well as failures and lessons learned.

Due to the cost of the unique plants in our permaculture design we decided to propagate our own plants.  Since we are growing unique edible plants anyway, we figured why now grow some extra plants and sell them online.  So we sell unique edible plants for permaculture gardens at our nursery called Great Escape Nursery.

We already have videos on rainwater harvesting, seed starting indoors, stratification and scarification, and how to propagate various different types of plants. We also do product reviews, and how-to videos.

Much of this is new to us, so it is a learning experience to us.  We figure there are many others out there who are also just starting out with various homesteading tasks, so why not share?

Please join us by subscribing to our YouTube channel.  That way you will be notified when we put out our weekly videos.

You can check out the Great Escape Farms YouTube channel by clicking the hot link or copying this URL to your web browser:

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