Chesapeake Permaculture Institute Meetup

Are you interested in some free or cheap garden and permaculture training in the MD, VA, PA, WV or DC area?  Then Check Out Chesapeake Permaculture Institute Meetup Group.

The purpose of the Chesapeake Permaculture Institute:

  • Facilitate networking and collaboration within the permaculture community in our region (Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay Watershed).
  • Help publicize permaculture events & courses.
  • Facilitate opportunities for face to face community building/gatherings/meetings.
  • Identify our niches/unique contribution from each partnering group.
  • Offer advanced topic specific courses such as forest gardening, natural building, water irrigation, food production, transforming public landscapes and ect.
  • Support graduates of Permaculture Design Courses in continuing education and skill building.
Chesapeake Permaculture Institute Meetup

Chesapeake Permaculture Institute Meetup

The Chesapeake Permaculture Institute Meetup group is basically a website and email list that connects like minded people.  You can control how much email you receive and of what type.  There are various groups that add training to the meetup group site and you can signup for the training or just ignore it.

I signed up for the meetup group 2 1/2 years ago.  I have been to a couple of meetups and have found that the meetups are great place to network with like minded people.  You learn from the class or workshop but you also learn new techniques and other information from the other students.

I just took over as coordinator for the group this past week and I’m trying to build up the training that is offered and the list of people interested in taking training.

Please consider signing up if you are interested in any of these topics.  You can sign up by going to Chesapeake Permaculture Institute.

Even if permaculture and gardening is not your thing, you can go to and just take a look around.  They have all kinds of topics to meet like minded people.

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