Permaculture and Gardening Books

This page lists all of the Permaculture and Gardening Books that I have or will be doing a review on. I have too many books and DVDs to have them on one page.  I have moved the DVDs here.

Permaculture and Gardening Books

Permaculture and Gardening Books

Below are the Permaculture and Gardening Books that I have reviewed or will be doing book reviews on.  If I have done a review already you can follow the link to the review and see a summary of the book and my thoughts.  I will update this page as I do more book reviews.

There are also links to Amazon for each book.  If you follow the link to Amazon, Great Escape Farms will receive a small percentage of the purchase price of anything you buy on Amazon that day (even if it is not these books or DVDs).  This is the only revenue model I currently have to pay for this site, so please click on one of the books or DVDs anytime you are going to purchase something from Amazon.  I’d really appreciate that.

Now on to the Permaculture and Gardening Books.

Permaculture and Gardening Books


Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual is the go to book for permaculture design.  I actually did a review on each chapter of this book and the review can be seen by clicking on the chapter number: Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

This book as of 11/20/2020 was sold out on Amazon.  I’ll keep lookeing.





The All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition(Amazon Link) is mostly about annual gardening in a very dense fashion. How to build a garden bed, make the initial soil, how to plant and what to plant are all covered in this book.  The review can be seen at Square Foot Gardening – A Book Review.








Gaia’s Garden(Amazon Link) is a great read. This book delves into some permaculture basics such as building and maintaining soil fertility and structure, catching and conserving water, providing habitat for beneficial insects, birds, and animals and growing an edible forest.  A full review will be done soon.








Edible Forest Gardens Vol. 1 (Amazon Link) This is the first of two volumes on this subject.  This book gives an introduction of edible forest gardens and and has a number of case studies.  It also includes 100 top plant species for forest gardens.  A full review will be done soon.








Edible Forest Gardens Vol. 2 (Amazon Link) Builds on volume 1 and offers practical strategies and techniques offer designers. This volume includes a plant species matrix of plants suitable for forest gardening. A full review will be done soon.








The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation(Amazon Link)  A how to manual on propagating from seed, cuttings, grafting, and tissue culture.  A full review will be done soon.









Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants (Amazon Link)  Note: I have the first edition of this book, pictured to the left.  The Amazon link takes you to the second edition of this book.  This book goes into edible plants as well as poisonous plants to stay away from.  Each plant has a picture, but the picture is in black and white and a little difficult to make out.  A full review will be done soon.








WEEDS Control without Poisons (Amazon Link). This book gets you to look at a weed and try to figure out why it is there.  The weed is trying to fill some kind of void and if yo can figure out what that void is, you can remedy it or put something in its place that can remedy the issues.  A full review will be done soon.








Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden (Amazon Link). Gives information on Juneberry, Beach Plum, Alpine and Musk Strawebrries, Pawpaw, Raisin Tree, Lingonberry, Actinidia, Mulberry, Kaki and American Persimmon, Goumi, Autumn Olive, Russian Olive, Gooseberry, Maypop, Che, Black Currant, Nanking Cherry, Cornelian Cherry, Asian Pear, Jostaberry, Blueberry, Jujube, Shipovia, and Medlar.  A full review will be done soon.








The Market Gardener (Amazon Link). This book goes into starting and running a micro farm on small acreage and how to make a living doing so.  A full review will be done soon.









Secret Garden of Survival (Amazon Link). This book goes into planting a garden in the forest or making the garden into a forest.  By having a forest like garden it is hidden in plain sight and is basically a secret garden.  A full review will be done soon.








Preserving The Fruits of the Earth (Amazon Link). Covers how to dry, cure, smoke, salt, brine, juice, make jelly, pickle, freeze, and can food. Currently not available on Amazon.  A full review will be done soon.









Plant Propagation A to Z (Amazon Link). This book goes into the best way to propagate over 1000 plants and includes over 500 pictures.  It covers seed, cuttings, and division.  A full review will be done soon.









Plant Propagation (Amazon Link). Almost 900 pages of detailed information on how to propagate.  Could be used as a text book in a college class on propagation.  A full review will be done soon.









Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants (Amazon Link). This book includes characteristics, distribution, and medicinal uses of over 120 plants.  A full review will be done soon.









Invasive Plants (Amazon Link). Covers 200 alien species of both land based and water based plants and goes into the best way to manage and control them.  A full review will be done soon.










Integrated Forest Gardening (Amazon Link). This is a permaculture book that focuses on plant guilds in great detail.  It discusses what a plant guild is, how to pick plants, and how to manage a plant guild.  A full review will be done soon.








Herbal Home Health Care (Amazon Link). A guide on how to self treat many illnesses at home with. A full review will be done soon.









Herbal First Aid and Health Care (Amazon Link). This book goes into a great number of ailments and offers some self remedy but also recommends professional medical attention for certain other ailments.  A full review will be done soon.









Herbal Antibiotics (Amazon Link). The book raises the argument that plant based medicines with their complex mix of multiple antibiotic, systemic and synergistic compounds should be our first line of defense against resistant infections.  A full review will be done soon.








Harvest Eating (Amazon Link) is a book that tells how to cook with some of the unique edible plants that you are growing. A full review will be done soon.









Garden Insects of North America (Amazon Link). This book covers a number of insects found in North America.  It goes into detail on 1420 insects, both good and bad.  It covers the host plants, damage caused, distribution, appearance, life history and habits. A full review will be done soon.








Folks, this ain’t normal (Amazon Link). The author talks about how far removed we are from the simple, sustainable joy that comes from living close to the land and the people we love. A full review will be done soon.









Fields of Farmers (Amazon Link). The author talks about the issues of farmers growing older and younger generations moving onto other ways of life. He discusses how we are going to have big issues going forward in agriculture if we don’t get the younger generation involved in the farms.  A full review will be done soon.










Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants (Amazon Link). This book covers over 130 wild plants and includes characteristics and distribution.  It has color pictures that help to identify the plants.  A full review will be done soon.









The Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America (Amazon Link). Lists all edible species on the North American continent – about 4000 plants.  Includes use of each part of the plant, history of usage, composition, medicinal uses, and possible toxicity.  A full review will be done soon.








Edible Wild Plants (Amazon Link). A lot of color pictures in this book.  Has over 200 common edible plants in North America.  A full review will be done soon.










Backyard Farm (Amazon Link). This book has a little bit of everything from composting, worms, growing plants and watering to pests and disease to keeping hens, bees, goats and pigs. A full review will be done soon.









10 Essential Herbs (Amazon Link). And the 10 essential herbs are……. (at least according to this book)… Cayenne, Chaparral, Cloves, Comfrey, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Peppermint, Slippery Elm, and Yarrow.  A full review will be done soon.







Permaculture and Gardening Books

Permaculture and Gardening Books


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