This blackberry growing post shows you how I trellised blackberries in the fall of last year and how great they are doing this summer.  I have been harvesting blackberries for over a month now and still have buckets on the vine getting ready to ripen.

Blackberry Growing

Blackberry Growing

Tie ‘em up

Last fall I strung my blackberries up.  I put a couple of posts in the ground and tied a cable between them.  Then from the cable I tied string down to the blackberry plants to hold them up.  Tying them up this way allows them to get better airflow and more sunlight on the leaves and the fruit.

Feed Those Plants

For the past three years I have added or just left the leaf litter around the blackberries.  This year I had a neighbor cut a tree down.  I asked the tree cutters to leave the wood chips from the cut up trees in my driveway.  I put them down right on top of the leaves.  This will help keep the roots cool and keep them moist.

Food Food Food

As I said earlier, I have been harvesting blackberries for a month now.  In the next two weeks or so I should have a whole bunch of these tasty morsels ripen all at once.  I’ll need to figure out what to do with them, either freeze or use right away.

Not a Sticky Situation

My blackberries do not have thorns.  They are a thorn less variety.  That makes it much easier to harvest and to store the blackberries.  There are quite a few branches that are new this year that have sprouted.  I will do some air budding with these plants so I will have some to sell next year.

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