Backwoods Home Magazine Review – The Information You Need to Know

This post, titled Backwoods Home Magazine Review | A Homesteading Magazine, is a review on Backwoods Home Magazine. Their tagline is “practical ideas for self-reliant living”. They have articles on how to grow food organically, how to store and preserve that food, how to build green houses and root cellars, firearms and hunting information and much more.

Backwoods Home Magazine Review

Backwoods Home Magazine Review

Backwoods Home generally has a dozen or so articles featured plus eight department columns that are in each magazine. The articles are anywhere from two to six pages each and are very informative. If the article is a how-to article it has lots of pictures and a good explanation of the steps. The department columns are anywhere from one to three pages long. The articles and columns are very different from issue to issue so you won’t get bored.  You can see the magazine in the picture titled “Backwoods Home Magazine Review”.

Backwoods Home Magazine Review

Below I list the department columns and give a brief overview of what is covered in each column.

Regular Departments Columns

  • Editorial – This section is the Editors take on a given subject. Sometimes this is by Dave Duffy (Editor) and sometimes it is by Annie Tuttle (Dave’s daughter). This section gets into political views, world events, and life in general or any other subject.
  • Ayoob on Firearms – Massad Ayoob, a retired police officer, firearms trainer, and hunter writes regular articles dealing with firearms. Sometimes he writes about how to safely carry and sometimes he writes about hunting.
  • The Irreverent Joke Page – pretty much a collection of various unrelated jokes.
  • Ask Jackie – Jackie Clay-Atkinson is the ultimate homesteader. She writes articles regularly for the magazine and has the “Ask Jackie” department which features questions asked by readers and she gives answers. She is an expert on food preservation, cooking, and building homestead devices such as compost boxes.
  • Letters – This sections covers letters from readers. Many of the readers have wonderful ideas and they are allowed to share those ideas in this section.
  • The gee-whiz! page – This department picks a subject, such as trees or reptiles, and gives you little known facts about that subject. They go into the biggest, smallest, heaviest, fastest and whatever other facts are pertinent to a subject. Not must know stuff, but very “gee-whiz” I didn’t know that.
  • The Last Word – John Silveria picks a topic and then delves into the facts, gives some opinion and then gives facts to back his opinion. Recently he has hit on subjects such as ‘corporations, profits, and taxes’ and ‘climate change’
  • Classified ads – Classified ads like you would see in a newspaper. They are related to subjects in the magazine for the most part.

Sample of Article Headlines – Backwoods Home Magazine Review

The articles are different in each magazine. In the September/October 2015 issue they have the following articles:

  • Turning a $10,000 house into a home
  • Building Feed Boxes for Cattle
  • Harvesting and cooking giant puffball mushrooms
  • Indispensable homestead kitchen tools
  • Currants & gooseberries
  • Be A Viking: Brew Wild-Crafted Mead
  • Three MORE ways the world can end
  • Bowhunting: The instinct and the arrow
  • Spicy organic salsa
  • Oatmeal sausage – A treat from days gone by
  • A decorative garden from and old stump
  • Build a vertical storage rack for cans
  • A tale of two wasp traps

Advertisements Can be Good

In between the articles are advertisements. This is the only magazine I have ever read where I actually like the advertisements. They are nicely done and not pushy, but the reason I like them is they each have unique products that you don’t see elsewhere. I learn a great deal about what is available on the market that I otherwise would not have known about.

I have been a subscriber for three years now and just renewed for another two years. Of the 8 subscriptions I have right now, Backwoods home is my favorite.

The magazine is published every other month. It sells for $26.95 a year (6 issues) or $49.95 for two years (12 issues). According to their statistics in the October 2015 magazine they have 36,000 subscribers and sell 10,500 on newsstands. Backwoods home has been selling for 26 years now. Their website is

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