Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review

This post is an Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review.  The product allows you to harvest fruit from a tree without the need to climb the tree or use a ladder.

Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review

Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester Product Review

The Product

The Ames True Temper Fresh Fruit Harvester is a basket on a long pole designed to harvest fruit high in a tree without a ladder.  There are several different sizes of the product.  I have seen them with both four foot poles as well as 8 foot poles.  They also have options for aluminum as well as wood poles.


When you purchase the product online it comes in pieces.  Mine came in three pieces plus associated hardware.  I received two four foot wooden poles and the basket.  Connecting the poles together was straight forward.  Putting the basket on the top pole was a bit more of a challenge.  I had to force the pole into the bottom of the basket assembly, which spread the metal out.  Then I had to use several tools to tighten the basket around the poles.  It did scratch the product label, but everything else was ok.  Once I finally attached the basket, the product has been rock solid and quite sturdy.

My Product

The one I bought was the eight-foot-long wooden pole option.  On the top of the pole is a basket that has hooks on the top to grab the fruit.  In the bottom of the basket it has a piece of foam so the fruit does not get bruised when it falls into the basket.


The way the tool works is to go extend it up into the tree, maneuver the fruit between two hooks in the basket and give a quick tug on the tool.  The fruit comes off of the tree and drops into the basket and lands on the soft foam at the bottom of the basket.

My Thoughts

I will use this tool a lot.  As I get older, I’m not a fan of climbing around in trees any more.  This tool will absolutely help with that going forward.  The tool works great for apples and likely would for pears also. However, I don’t think it would work well for softer fruit like peaches and plums, as the hook and pulling process would likely bruise or cut into the fruit itself.  I’ll have to try that next year and report back to you.

I would give this a buy rating for someone who owns an apple tree.  You can see a picture of some of my apple trees below.  This tool is great for them.  I cannot say buy it for any other type of fruit until I try it, which I will next summer.

My Trees – About 25 Foot High

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