Adaptive Seeds Company Review

This post is an Adaptive Seeds Company review and consists of my experiences dealing with them over the years.

AdaptiveAdaptive Seed Company is a farm-based seed company near Sweet Home, Oregon.  Most of their seed is adapted to the Pacific Northwest & other short season northern climates.  They do not sell seeds that are proprietary hybrids (F1), patented, PVP, or genetically modified (GMO).  They have been certified organic since the summer of 2013.

From their home page you can download a PDF copy of their current catalog.  The 2016 catalog is 104 pages and consists mostly of vegetables.  There are no pictures of each individual plants like there are in other catalogs.  However, there are pictures of each plant they offer on their main web page, so if you want to see what something looks like, check it out on the web.  From the home page you can also request a print copy of the catalog to be mailed to your house.  You can see the cover of the catalog in the picture titled “Adaptive Seeds Company Review – 2016 Catalog”.

From their main page if you go to the resources page you can download a 22-page seed saving guide.  The guide looks like a good resource especially for someone starting to save seed for the first time.  This section of the web page also has a winter garden chart that you can download.  This chart shows what vegetables and cover crops do well in the cooler weather.

Adaptive Seeds Company Review - 2016 Catalog

Adaptive Seeds Company Review – 2016 Catalog

How to Order

You can order online, via mail order, or by phone or fax. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00 or up to $5.00 on orders below $50.00.  The cost is more for international orders.

My Experience

I buy from Adaptive seeds because they have unique varieties that others don’t have and also because they have an option to order the seeds in quantity.   Most companies will sell you 20 to 100 seeds.  Adaptive offers seeds from 1G (about 500 seeds, for Amaranth) up to 1oz (a lot of seed for Amaranth).  For other seed, they go up to 5lbs of seed.

I have ordered seed from them for three years now and still have some of the original seed I purchased and it is still viable seed.  As long as you keep the seeds dry, out of the light, and cool the seeds will last for a long time.

Check them out for yourself at  December and January is their busiest time, but in the past they still manage to turn orders around pretty quickly.  If you are going to start any seeds inside or if you are going to plant any cold weather crops, now is the time to order.

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