A Tour of the Farm

This blog post, Tour of the Farm,  will be brief as it is mostly embedded video from YouTube.  This past weekend I went out to the Farm and took some videos giving you a video tour of Great Escape Farms.

Video 1 below shows the field, pond, and orchard.  This is the location of a future major permaculture project.

Video 2 below shows the orchard in the front of the house.  There are over 100 fruit bearing trees and shrubs in the front of the house.

Video 3 shows the mini-food forest where there are over 170 fruit bearing trees and shrubs.

Video 4 is the final video showing the farm.  It shows where the plant propagation beds will be installed in the coming weeks and shows a little of the zone-5 forest behind the house.

I will post update videos of the farm as things change.  There will likely be a video coming in the next couple of weeks as I build out the propagation beds.

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